• ensures longer service life;
  • minimises the number of faults;
  • maximises the service life of bearings and reduces the load of bearings;
  • reduces noise and irritating vibration;
  • improves safety;
  • reduces the costs of standstills and materials.

We can perform static and dynamic balancing of:

  • fan blade wheels;
  • pump impellers;
  • rotors of electric machines;
  • various drums and rotary parts.

Balancing in our workshop

The technical parameters of rotating parts which can be balanced in our workshop on the balancing machine SCHENK:

  • maximum weight up to 3000 kg;
  • maximum diameter of rotating part up to 2650 mm;
  • maximum length of the rotating part up to 4000 mm.


Balancing on site

We use the analyser VibXpert II by Prüftechnick to perform this service.