About us

Elektrimasinad OÜ was established in June 2014. Thus, we have been operating for a relatively short time. At the same time, our forerunners were Eesti Energoremont and ABB AS Tartu Service Center. We have been performing maintenance and repair of electric machines on the same premises since 1960. As ABB decided to reorganise their field of activity and to concentrate more on the maintenance and repair of their own products, they ended their activities in Tartu.

The majority of the employees came over from ABB to the new company Elektrimasinad OÜ, thus the knowledge and experience gathered during decades was preserved.

In the year 2014 we participated in Tartu City’s contest “Best Entrepreneur 2014” and we achieved the Best Beginner Prize with the help of Tartu Business Advisory Services.

In the 2015 year economic results of our company belongs to the high credit rating of enterprises. In witness whereof , we can use the Credit Information Ltd. patented trademark ” Successful Estonian Company 2016″




Elektrimasinad OÜ

  • The business concept is to continue providing and develop the services of maintenance and repair of electric machines to the industrial companies first.
  • The vision is to be the customer’s first choice in the field of maintenance of electric machines and related equipment.
  • The mission is to be a company who is able to learn and develop and who appraises their employees.